About Us

Ecowear was founded in 2018 by Zac Cataldo and Bobby Briggs.

Our mission at Ecowear is to allow creators to have the creative freedom to share their brand with the world, while also helping to save the planet. We carbon offset the manufacturing, shipping and life-cycle of every orderwith our partners at CarbonFund.org, and then we go even further and plant a tree with our partners at EdenProjects.org and the Cap a Well Foundation, making your new purchase carbon negative!


Zac Cataldo

Zac still remembers attending his first Earth Day Festival in 1986 and vowing to buy his first electric car, the GM EV1, before finishing high school.  GM ended up crushing all of them, and crushing Zac's dreams. Then in 2016 an upstart company named Tesla came out with the Model X and Zac hopped in never looked back.  As the co-host and Director of the YouTube channel Now You Know, Zac has been reporting on sustainability issues weekly for the past 3 years to a growing audience of 250,000 subscribers.


Bobby Briggs

Bobby created the idea of Ecowear on one principle - to create quality clothing sustainably. It's a simple principle but one which takes tremendous work to accomplish. We want our customers to be proud to wear our unique fashions that are always made with respect for our planet and the people who make them. We want you to proudly dress in our clothes and know that being a smart steward of our planet is the best fashion statement you can make. We put love and care into every aspect of our designs, to make healing our planet something that we can all do every day.